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Gmail to the Rescue

06 Apr Gmail to the Rescue

In a crisis or disaster situation one of the most critical services to restore first is your email service.  Google Apps for Business includes the gmail email service, a secure, reliable cloud based solution for email which can be deployed in minutes or hours for an organization. If your Exchange or other on-site email server had failed, Google Apps can be a great rapid replacement.  

Here is how it works:

Domain Setup

Setting up a domain in google apps is a pretty easy process, or your authorized reseller, like CloudFast, can set it up for you.  All that is needed is access to the domain registrar system to change your MX records (domain name service for email) to Google.

User Account Migration

If you have any sort of backup available of your exchange or existing email server that can be used to export a list of users.  It is also possible to use a list of users generated from an operating HR system or other electronic list.  For small groups, or worst case, users can be entered manually.  Once users are imported into the system they can be notified of their account information at an alternate email or through direct contact with the users.  It is also possible to load in users from directories like Active Directory

User Data and History Migration

Once users are in the system they can send and receive email, but your users won’t be happy until they have all of their email back.  Again it is possible to use backups to retrieve this information and then load it into Google Apps.  Your Google Reseller, like CloudFast, can use google tools like GAMME to bring all of your users data over.

While it is always better to migrate services not under duress, in an emergency situation Google Apps is a great way to get your business email running fast.  Whether done in a crisis situation or as part of a planned migration Google Apps is a great tool for business who want mail that has

  1. Has predictable pricing
  2. Is always up
  3. Is easy for users

Whether in a crisis situation or a planned change contact CloudFast to get started with Google