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20 Oct Getting back online after a disaster

Getting back online after a disaster can be a difficult endeavor for a business when your physical business has been destroyed or seriously damaged. Luckily today there are a myriad of cloud services that can help you get up an going even while your physical...

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19 Jul Are you ready for a disaster?

Are you ready for a disaster?   Usually businesses have some sort of plan in mind if there were to be a natural or man-made disaster that affected there IT operations. But often that plan isn’t fully formulated and rarely is it tested under realistic failure simulations....

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09 May Azure vs AWS: which is cheaper?

As the battle over gaining and keeping cloud customers heats up it is useful to ask which of the two cloud vendors is cheaper? The answer is: it depends.  There are so many different services offered, from storage to database to compute that there is no...

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06 Apr Gmail to the Rescue

In a crisis or disaster situation one of the most critical services to restore first is your email service.  Google Apps for Business includes the gmail email service, a secure, reliable cloud based solution for email which can be deployed in minutes or hours for...

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06 Mar The Cloud Heats Up in 2016

While the public cloud has become an increasingly imposing force in recent years, 2016 is turning out to be the year of the cloud, and it is still just the beginning. Amazon recently released 1st quarter earning for Amazon Web Services, their massive worldwide computational...

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